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Our Story.

How we got started.

Boy holding a Reach Clothing shirt in owasso tulsa area.

Reach Clothing started in 2011 after we heard about a child who was being bullied for wearing the same shirt to school every day.  

Our passion is simple, it is to help those who need help the most. We have witnessed at many donation drops how much power a simple new t-shirt possesses. It has the ability to give a child a greater self-esteem. We feel at Reach Clothing that if a child has a greater self-esteem they could help put a stop to bullying. A new t-shirt also gives the child a sense of hope. For a child that is being bullied, these moments can be severely damaging, and the smallest amount of hope could be life changing. Our goal is to see someone wearing our clothes and not be able to tell if they bought it or if we donated it to them. To us, there is no difference.


There are 16 million children considered homeless in the United States and 1 out of 3 children are bullied. If we can provide a new stylish shirt to help a child from being bullied or a new sweatshirt to stay warm in the winter then we know we are doing our job. 


We strive to make a difference in the world one child at a time and we know that with the support from you we will be able to accomplish this! That's why for every Reach Clothing brand shirt sold we donate the same item to a child in need.

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